Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sabbath School

Jill took some pictures in Sabbath school today and I had to post a couple of these. Dominic and Andy are the oldest in the class. Andy should be in kindergarten, but he's waiting on Dominic to turn 3 next month so they can graduate together.

Actually, I think this picture was taken last week when we were trying out their camera to see if we wanted that model or not.
Here is the new beginners class - minus Andy and Dominic. Oddly enough the two kids missing are little boys. They weren't here this week so it made for a very girlie picture.
I love this picture of Lily and Caitlin. They wouldn't both look at the camera at the same time, but it is still an adorable picture. Their dresses matched and so that is why we started taking the pictures, but Lily was giving Caitlin hugs and kisses and it was so cute.

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richies said...

Looks like a great Sabbath School!

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