Friday, July 24, 2009

Grammy & Gramps

Dominic and Caitlin are really enjoying their grandparents. Everyone is here (or will be soon) for Caitlin's baby dedication this Sabbath. Jon's parents got here on Wednesday afternoon and my parents will be here in the morning.
I just love this picture of Caitlin and her Gramps. She took a little bit to warm up to everyone and so she was pretty serious while she was checking her Gramps out.
Dominic, of course, didn't need any time warming up at all. He was very excited to have some more play mates. I guess the ambulance was broken and they were fixing it.
He also had two more people who would read to him. He's in heaven. =)
Caitlin was eyeing Grammy's glass. She loves to suck the condensation off the outside of the glass.
Got it!

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