Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Child Services

A little back ground before I begin the story.
Dominic has a brown teddy bear named Cuddles that he sleeps with every night. Caitlin has a matching one that is pink. She actually prefers another bear to sleep with and so Dominic has claimed the pink Cuddles. The brown one is his brother and the pink one is his sister. Their names vary by day.

A couple of days ago I took a friend to the lending library. It is a division of Child Care and Referral Services. Several of the people in charge of different child services for the county have their offices there. But in the front of the building is a library for preschoolers. It has toys, books, movies and games. There are large couches for the parents to sit and lots and lots of toys for the kids. You can check out the items or just come to play.
We got there just as they were opening and so a lot of the office personnel were sitting on the couches talking. Dominic walked right up to the lady in charge of child services and announced that I'd dropped his sister on her head and she'd gotten run over by a big truck. Thankfully I've talked with this lady several times and she knows (hopefully) that I not the sort to run over my children. =) Turns out he was talking about pink Cuddles. I HAD dropped her on the floor that morning. He had mixed it up with the story of a little girl at church who'd gotten hit by a car (she's fine now). Aaaauuugh! Of course the ladies got a great laugh out of it. So glad I could make someones day.

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