Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirt & Imagination

Dominic has a wild imagination. He's also to that stage of unreasonable fears. So even the vacuum cleaner freaks him out while Caitlin thinks it's great and laughs. Yesterday he was outside by himself while I watched from the window because Caitlin was sleeping. He was standing in the middle of the yard twisting and jumping and falling. I had a pretty good idea what he was doing but asked anyway.
"I'm in Mexico with my skateboard and I'm skateboarding with people and we're falling a lot and getting hurt, but there's no blood so we don't need band-aides. Cool, huh?"
Just then a truck went by and with a very cautious look on his face he came running inside. He's okay with leaving me to go skate boarding in Mexico, but not with a truck. =)

I had just put him down for quiet time and was sweeping the floor. I have to sweep often because Caitlin is rolling every where. Caitlin was on one end of the house and I had swept everything into a pile on the other end when Dominic called me. Seems we forgot to pray the monsters away before he got in bed. I wasn't gone a minute and when I returned Caitlin had rolled across the house and was playing in my dirt. Eew!

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