Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Camera

We finally decided what camera we wanted. Here are a few of the pictures from it. It does take color photos. I was just playing with the settings and loved these pictures. I have some really cute kids! =)I love the way sepia adds to the photos. It seems that you pay more attention to the kids and less attention to the little details - like the slime on Caitlin's chest or the left over supper on Dominic's face. =) You also can't tell if Dominic dressed himself or not. He's into doing it himself and the results are often a rainbow of colors. I can find him easily at the park, but the clothes DON'T match. I told him today that he didn't match and he laughed at me. "I know, Mommy."
A couple of nights ago I could tell that Dominic was pretty tired. We were sitting on the couch having story time. We finished and Dominic turned to us and said "I need to get you guys to bed." Not sure if he said it because he wanted to go to bed or because it's what we say to him. But it sure was cute.

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