Thursday, February 17, 2011

1st Haircut

Caitlin had her first haircut today.

Before pictures.
At the salon.
Dominic being super quiet. He said he was drawing Caitlin's shoes. ?
Getting it cut.
 New haircut.
 Getting it curled.
The final look. When she saw herself in the mirror she said -
"Pwetty Caitwin. Pwetty haiwcut.
I pwincess"
Caitlin was an angel. She never moved and answered quietly when Dorinda would ask her a question. Dorinda said she couldn't have behaved any better. All of the older ladies there in the salon for their weekly do were in love with the kids. They kept talking about how well behaved and quiet they were.
=) We all know that isn't true. But I'm glad they were well behaved for a bit.

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