Sunday, February 20, 2011


Yesterday I was a bit camera happy.
So here are some random shots I took.
These were actually taken on Friday night. 
The kids stripped Jon's shoes and socks off of his feet.
Caitlin put the socks on
and Dominic put the shoes on.
She's crying in this picture because she hurt her ankle right before nap time on Friday and it hurts to walk. 
But she didn't want to stop walking so would just cry every time she took a step.
She's just now (Sunday) starting to walk without a limp.

I took several pictures in Sabbath school.
She didn't have shoes on because her foot was still too swollen for the shoes to fit well.
And a couple more in church. (I WAS paying attention!)
We tried to have a picnic and feed the ducks after church, but the weather was a lot colder at the lake than we'd thought it would be so we didn't stay long. But the kids have fun feeding the ducks and chasing them.

Saturday night was Breast Cancer Awareness Night at Tech. So if you were wearing pink you could get a ticket to the ball game for $1.
My men wore their pink well.

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