Thursday, February 17, 2011


When Jon and I were on our date the other evening we went into The Children's Place while killing time before our reservations.
They were having a sale on sunglasses. So I planned to take the kids back the next day to get a couple of pairs. They'd outgrown the ones from last year.

Then that evening Caitlin woke up and had to go potty. So while she was sitting there we were talking and somehow the conversation turned to glasses.
I told Caitlin that "tomorrow we'll buy you some sunglasses". 
She giggled the rest of the time. I put her back in her bed giggling. She was so excited.

So the next day I took Caitlin to get a couple of pairs while Dominic was in gymnastics. I figured it would be easier to do them one at a time.
She was in love and wouldn't take them off.

After lunch we headed back to get Dominic some.
As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed Caitlin had overflowed her pull up.
We ended up going into the store with Caitlin wearing a pullup, jacket and sunglasses. 
She'd peed on everything else.
 I have some really cool kids!
This picture is taken when we got home. 
The coat is the only clothing she has on.

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