Thursday, February 10, 2011

Date Night

Jon and I take Dominic on date nights.
Jon usually takes Dominic to a basketball game or something physical.
This last time was my turn and I took Dominic to a new skateboard shop that just opened and then we went to a new frozen yogurt shop.
I failed to take pictures so will have to try again next time.
The yogurt place is so cool. You pick the yogurt and then can add any topping that you want. It's as big as a small buffet restaurant. I couldn't believe all of the toppings. Then you pay by the oz. 
Pretty cool. 

A couple of days after our date Dominic asked me why we never took Caitlin on a date.
We do. It's just at the same time as the other parent is taking Dominic so he doesn't notice.
That night Jon stayed home with Caitlin and played Sack Boy on the PS3.
She was in heaven and talked about it all evening.

But this got me to thinking. We usually just spend some quality time one-on-one with her. But only once have we actually taken her out like we do her brother.
So when I dropped off Dominic at gymnastics on Wednesday I hurried with my errands so we could get to the Children's Museum in time for the princess party.

There was a craft to make a princess crown.
Then we headed to the throne to try out the crown and scepter.
Then on to the princess tea party. It was very difficult to get all of the little girls to sit at one time.
She may be a princess, but she has an older brother. 
So she appreciates the cars.
Caitlin and I had a great time. 
And since it happens every Wednesday we will most definitely go again.

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Courtney Walsh said...

Oh my goodness. She's a doll! I came here to let you know that you were the post above me on Shannan's Bravery post, so I'm saying a prayer for you! Also, it's funny you mention this because my daughter does "daddy/daughter" dates with my husband but just the other day, my son said "Can we do like a Man-date? Just me and daddy?" LOL :)

It's in the works! They need that one-on-one time!!