Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kids stuff

Caitlin's potty went down hill after the first princess. She did okay one day and got one more before we decided to take a break. She was the one to ask us if she could go in the big girl potty. After about 2 months she's now asked to be a baby again and wear diapers. So for now, we are following her lead. When the spring comes we'll try again. In the mean time she's loving her two little princesses.

Dominic has a very different fashion sense from Jon and I.
He's been doing this for days now. 
Hat on sideways, pants rolled up regardless of weather.
Caitlin asked to sleep in her big girl bed. She's not climbing out of her crib and there isn't a baby coming to push her out, so we've just left her. But she asked so we said okay as long as she didn't keep getting up.
After about the fifth time of putting her back in the bed she was back in the crib.
Going out to skate board with big brother.
The air in our house is super dry. I've put a humidifier in Dominic's room. But he still gets the occasional nose bleed. Sometimes it's so bad that it looks as if someone died. Other times it's not so bad. Thankfully this was one of the mild times or I would have been cleaning some carpet.

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