Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greenville Zoo

We took a side trip to our vacation yesterday. We went to Anderson, SC to visit some friends who had moved from New Bern. I'd heard about the Greenville, SC zoo and thought since it was free (to us) we should make a day of it. There as a 60% chance of rain so I brought extra clothes and we headed down to SC.

Dominic LOVED the zoo. It was as much the ability to run every where as it was the animals, I think.
This iguana was sitting right in the window and watching us. A guy that had been to the zoo a lot told us he'd never seen him in the window before.
We had made it through about half the zoo when it started to rain. We weren't very close to a shelter and were a bit wet by the time we made it. Caitlin and Dominic seemed to think it was great.
Dominic kept drinking the rain water.
He was soaked by the time we decided to make a run for the play ground outside the zoo. It had a pavilion and covered play ground.
He had so much fun at the zoo and then later at our friend's house. Both kids slept pretty good that night as well. It amazes me how adaptable kids are. They'll have fun in almost any situation.

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Laura said...

Who moved to Anderson, SC? Looks like you guys are packing tons besides campmeeting into the week! Glad you're having a great time!