Thursday, May 7, 2009


This past week I've heard Dominic praying several times. It's so cute because when he normally has prayer he says "Dear Jesus" and closes his eyes. At worship he folds his hands and at meal time he wants to hold our hands. This prayer is totally different. It's like he's just talking to God. Jon and I aren't ever with him when he does this.
As he's playing w/ his toys -
"Dear God, Thanks for my trains."
"Dear God, Thanks for my cars. They are fun."
Looking out the window -
"Dear God, Thank you for the rain and birds." (It wasn't raining & I didn't see any birds.)

So this morning Dominic was a little sniffly (is that a word?) and I decided to spend the day at home. I heard this little prayer -
"Dear God, Thanks for letting Mommy take me to Andy's house." I looked over to see him glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. If that wasn't a hint I don't know what is.

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richies said...

We had to come home from church and read your blog. Tony wanted to know if we had read it. I hadn't, so I had to make sure I did. Hmmmm. Tony seemed so proud. :)

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