Saturday, May 30, 2009

More camp meeting

Here are the last few pictures of camp meeting before we head for home. We've had a wonderful time and are sad to be leaving camp meeting and the mountains, but are missing home.

This afternoon after the kids woke up from their naps we headed to the dam to let Dominic see the "waterfall". He loved it and spent the whole time throwing rocks into the water.
I was playing around with the camera and tried to get Jon and I in the same picture.
Every day when the kids went down for a nap, Jon would take a ride on his bike. These are some pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
I grew up in these mountains and would move back in a second if Jon could find a job here. But we've looked and there just isn't anything. So every year I come to camp meeting for my mountain fix. =)
It's amazingly beautiful, isn't it?
My parents came up for a couple of days to see the kids. I'm quite sure it wasn't to see me. =) My dad really enjoyed holding Caitlin, but I think she was so fascinated with her skirt that she probably didn't even notice who was holding her.
This week Caitlin leaned over and got a hold of my drink. I noticed that she was sucking on the glass. It had ice in it and she would suck on it and hold it until her little nose was red from the cold. She would get upset if I took it away. She's also paying close attention when we eat so I guess I'll start her on solids next week. She'll be 6 months old on Friday so it's time.

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