Monday, May 4, 2009


Dominic always has a harder time obeying when he's tired. (Don't we all?) Last night was a rough night for some reason. He was up from about 2am until almost 7am. So he slept until 9am, but I had a Bible study and had to wake him up. After wards I was outside talking with a friend and had told Dominic to stay where I could see him. I turned around to find him creeping around the corner out of sight.
I called to him (using that "you're in trouble" voice). As I came around the corner I saw him dancing around like he was trying to decide how to get out of the fix he was about to be in. I could actually see the gears turning in his head as he saw a patch of flowers. He quickly picked one and running over to me w/ the sweetest smile said "Here's a flower for you Mommy. I LOVE you SOOO much!"
ARRRGH! I'm being manipulated and it's actually working. Sigh!
For those of you who are concerned about my caving in - I did make him sit beside me while I finished talking instead of running around. =)

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