Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dominic and I (and of course, Caitlin) had a rather interesting day. I didn't have anything planned so I asked Dominic this morning what he wanted to do. He requested the lending library. I threw some things into the diaper bag and we set off. After I left Jon called on the cell and we made plans to meet for lunch.
We get to the lending library and Dominic has to pee. I remembered that the toilet was a very high one and they didn't have a step stool. I told him to wait while I got Caitlin settled and I'd help.
"No, Mom, I can do it all by myself."
I came in to find him bouncing up and down while he peed trying to get the pee into the toilet. As you can guess it was shooting out in this wonderful up and down stream all over everything. When he turned around (still peeing) and saw me standing there he yelped and grabbed himself w/ the front of his shirt (still peeing). I had the hugest mess to clean up. I couldn't just leave it there. I turned around and saw a pile of very soggy clothes and no Dominic. I rushed out of the bathroom and there is my son in all his nakedness at the front door of the library. A UPS guy came in about then and his eyebrows went up and I heard a gasp and "OH! MY, little boy!" Dominic laughed and said "Hi, I'm a nakey bum!" Sigh!
I would have headed home, but I'd make arrangements to meet Jon for lunch and to drop off some things at a friends house. So I put part of his wet clothes back on him and we headed to Target. He is now the proud owner of a new outfit complete w/ underwear. It is Thomas the Train and he's so proud of it that he's been dropping his drawers all day to show everyone. =)
That will definitely teach me to check the diaper bag twice before heading out the door.

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