Sunday, November 21, 2010

Barn Party and other things

Tonight we went to a barn party. It was so much fun. I took the camera and got a few pictures before it turned dark. But I didn't want to blind people so quit taking them once it was dark. The kids had so much fun. There was a fire pit for the adults to sit around and a huge bonfire as well. Dominic had so much fun putting sticks on the fire with his friends. There was also a hayride, tons of great food and a play area that the kids really enjoyed. The slide was a bit big for Caitlin. But she didn't let this stop her. She would fly down the slide and land two feet away from the edge of the slide with an oomph! Then she'd run back to try again.

Right before we got on the hay ride Dominic decided to play with the teenagers. It resulted in a frisbee landing smack in the middle of his nose. It bled for a while and he has a very nice purple bruise now.
The sunset while on the hayride was gorgeous.
Caitlin and Jon were at the very back of the hayride.
Oh, the excitement of everything!

On another note -

My men and their sense of humor. 
This is Jon's Mr. Potato Head.
This is Dominic's.

Caitlin was waiting patiently for me at Sears while I got an estimate on some repairs to our freezer (courtesy of the moving company). When I walked over to her she pointed at the tv and said "want dat". 
"Um. Yeah. We'll see what Daddy says."
She got this big grin on her face and said "Okay."
Was I just suckered into something?

This is just the beginning of our children not wanting to be seen with us. He sat at a separate table at Taco Bell last time.

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Jo Abair said...

Yes you got suckered... even from IRAQ my daughter gets her way! On skype! Daddy can I have candy? Sure baby. Then I ask, can you talk to her about combing her hair?Since you left it looks awful! Ah, no he says, I dont wanna be too hard on her... Oh thanks for the back up parenting!!! A daddy and the daughter... always giving her her way!