Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving II

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful, as usual.
Uncle Bob and Aunt Holly cooking our delicious meal.
The kid's table (can you tell - this is where everyone wanted to be)
The adult table
We took a walk after lunch with the kids. 
 Aunt Holly and Ruby joined us.
Taking a break
Caitlin kept finding treasures - pine cones, flowers, etc.
Catching a ride to the top of the hill.

On Friday we went out for breakfast with Jason.

That evening we went out for pizza with my siblings and then tried to get some pictures taken. Bethany had volunteered to take pictures for us. The kids were wiggly and hyper, so I'm really hoping some of them turned out. I'll be posting the results when I get the cd.
Update: Bethany lost the cd. =(
Zeb, Bethany and Leila
The sunset that night was gorgeous.

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