Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Man!

Caitlin came up to me when I was concentrating on something.
"Mommy, kitty bite oo."
"No Caitlin, the kitty didn't bite me."
"No me, oo."
"Caitlin, did the kitty bite you?"
"Yesh, bite oo."

Caitlin was playing with her dolls when I heard -
"Oh Man!"
I looked over to see her sitting on the floor (carpet) with her dolls and an almost empty bottle of shampoo.
The rest of the shampoo was all over her and the dolls.
"Caitlin, what are you doing."
"Dolly dirty. Wash bath. Oh Man!"
As she surveyed the mess -
"Please wash hands."

When Caitlin was helping me pick out her clothes this morning she kept searching for a shirt.
"Caitlin, what are you looking for?"
"Pink. Wyear pink shirt."

It's harder to see what she's thinking at this age, because she isn't talking as much as Dominic was. But she's working on it. She gets into as much trouble as he did, that's for certain. =)

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