Sunday, December 5, 2010

Early Birthday Party

My family came up to help us celebrate Caitlin's birthday.
My mom had to work Saturday night and Sunday so they came over on Sabbath morning and met us at church.

Caitlin's little birthday celebration in Sabbath school.
She's dropping in two coins to show how old she is.
The theme this month is, of course, baby Jesus and the Christmas story. They really did a great job.
Caitlin loved the donkey ride.
Sitting in church coloring with Lexi and Aunt Kami.
Dominic and Grandpa were coloring on the other side of me.
Caitlin loved her little bear. She wanted to hold it while she blew out her candles.
Eating cake
Dominic was giving Lexi a hug for his birthday present (a bit late - but still appreciated).
Opening presents
She had a great birthday party. And loved her presents.

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