Sunday, December 5, 2010

The making of a cake

After the terrible cake that I made for Caitlin's pre-birthday party a few weeks ago I felt I had to redeem my self. I had received a recipe for marshmallow fondant the day after I'd made the first cake. So I thought I'd try it.

It's rather time consuming. The "dough" has to be kneaded for about 10 minutes.
I made it several days before I needed it in case it turned out bad I could make another batch. So this is the fondant right out of the frig.
I had so much "help" while making it that I thought I'd make it while Caitlin was sleeping and Dominic watching a video to lessen the time it took. Dominic wasn't even remotely interested in a movie. =)

Rolling out the fondant.
On the cake and trimmed. Notice my cheat icing if this didn't work out? 
Turns out that makes really great glue for attaching the fondant circles to the cake.
I like circles and Caitlin likes pink. 
So I thought I'd do something easy that we'd both enjoy.
Making the circles.
The finished product.
Caitlin wanted pink cake. I wasn't sure I wanted the whole think to be strawberry cake so we compromised. She certainly didn't complain.
I had some fondant circles left over. Caitlin was up from her nap by this time and asked for one. Why not? It's almost her birthday. She was very excited to have her "candy". 
I looked outside and saw a gorgeous sunset. So I grabbed the camera and ran out to try to capture it.
When I returned I found a little girl with very stuffed cheeks frantically stuffing more "candy" into her mouth before I could reach her. She was one unhappy little girl when I took her away from her treat.

I was so excited about how well this cake had turned out for my first time. I even posted pictures on Facebook. Then I made the cherry pie for my dad. 
Pride goes before a fall.
The top of the pie literally fell off of the pie and onto the bottom of my stove where I'd neglected to place a overflow pan. 
The edges were starting to burn so I took it out of the oven.
When my dad cut into it, the entire pie was gooey. 
Not one of my prouder moments. =)

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