Friday, December 24, 2010

Pictures from last weekend

These are the last few pictures from last weekend.
My computer has been out of commission so I've had to wait to post these.

The kids really enjoyed jumping on whoever happened to sit in this chair.

Caitlin and I - self portrait.
 Baby girl had just woken up. I love it when she's so cuddly.
 Making sure the picture took okay and I didn't cut our heads off.

Lexi and Leila were being silly.
 Kami and Leila
 Kami and Lexi (can you see Leila peeking around Kami?)
Isn't my sister gorgeous!

 These kids have so much energy.

 Bethany took some great pictures of the kids.

 Can't you just see her as a brooding teenager. =)
 Wild child
Bethany was taking tons of pictures of me, so I had to return the favor. =)

My dad is so cool. I love spending time with him.
 Everyone looking at the pictures I'd taken of the girls.
 My mom hand made these stockings years ago. I remember Jon putting them on his feet one year when we were dating and now the next generation is following in his footsteps. Yikes! Now I feel old.
 Caitlin got a jack-in-the-box for Christmas. She loved it. She's convinced my dad to help her push the clown down and then wind it for her.
I love her expression when the thing pops up.
 This is actually Dominic's toy, but Caitlin was "borrowing" it.
 Last picture - I promise.
My brother in a tree.

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