Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Caitlin's check up

Caitlin had her two year check up today.
She weighed 30 lbs and was 33 inches long.
At least we estimated that she weighed 30 lbs. She clung to me like a little monkey and refused to get on the scales. I knew it would be a huge battle. She isn't my adventuresome child until she's thought out every angle. So I got on holding her and then put her down and they weighed me. NOT what I wanted. Drs office scales always weigh more than I think I am. =) But anything for my fraidy cat little girl.

She did very well with the rest of the appointment and didn't even cry when they poked her finger. She cried a bit when she got her shots, but a tic tac soon took care of that problem.

So if I estimated right Caitlin will be about 5'6 when she's all grown up. A very good height considering they wanted to test her a year ago to see if she had growth problems. Baby girl has come a long way.

I guess we can turn her car seat forward facing now. =)
She can see Dominic and so hasn't ever complained about being rear facing and she's so tiny that she fits still so we've just left her. But I guess she's due for a change.

I found these pictures after posting this blog and HAD to add them.

When we went into the waiting room Caitlin wanted to play on the slides. They have the coolest waiting room. It has huge fish tanks along the wall. Then in the middle of the waiting room is this huge slide and club house thing. There are also some other toys but Caitlin was into the slide.

The day was super cold and dry and the slide wasn't helping the static in her hair.

She squealed at me to come look at her. She has her nose up to the plexiglass on the slide "window".

While we were waiting on the doctor to come in she found the stool. It spins in circles and first she had me spin her. But then she got very dizzy and decided that bear should have the privilege as well.

Between the fun and the lollipop I think she really enjoyed herself. 

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