Sunday, December 19, 2010

1st Christmas Weekend

My children will experience two Christmas weekends.
My parents came a week early because my mom and sister have to work Christmas weekend.
We had so much fun. The next few blogs will be about our short, but great weekend.
We woke up Saturday morning to a tiny bit of snow. The kids were totally unimpressed. I guess the 5 inches we had last week ruined it for them. But I was happy to see it. Enough to say it snowed, but not enough to keep us from heading to church.
My family is great and it's wonderful to be close to everyone again so we can get together like this without super expensive airline tickets and long drives.
Our tree with everything under it.
Bethany is great with a camera. Quite a few of these pictures were taken by her.
After church we had lunch and then the kids went outside to play (more on that later) while Caitlin took a nap. Several of us (who shall remain nameless) joined her.

After Caitlin woke up we opened presents. I had thought that with the adults not exchanging gifts it would lessen the amount of wrapping paper and confusion. Turns out it was the kid's fault all along. =)
We really enjoyed our 1st round of Christmas and are so thankful that we are close enough to see our family often.

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Jo Abair said...

Your library is awesome, that is in your house??? I am moving in. Will sleep in library floor. Onto other things, there are not enough names for your pictures. Who are all the people? I know your mom, dad, brother, but is it Kami in the pictures, and her daughter? And Bethany, is this Zeb's wife? I need answers...