Friday, December 3, 2010

Basketball game

Dominic had some Daddy time all to himself on Tuesday.
Jon came home on Monday with tickets to the Tech basketball game.
Dominic was so excited. He told everyone he came in contact with that his Daddy was taking him to the game. Some guys came over to pick something up and he told them. Turns out they are the coaches for the baseball team and told him to look them up and they'd give him a t-shirt. He woke up that morning and had me help him count how long it was going to be until he got to go to the game. He told us where he wanted to eat (Taco Bell - that certainly wasn't a surprise). He said "I'll get a cheese roll up so I can eat it fast and get to the game on time." We assured him that he would have plenty of time to eat whatever he liked. =)

Jon took Dominic out to eat and then they went shopping for Caitlin's Christmas present while waiting on the game to start.
Dominic loved the game, but Jon said his favorite part was the cheerleaders. They were doing back flips and Dominic thought this was pretty cool.
Dominic came home so excited to show me all of the things that he'd gotten at the game. He has two t-shirts (one for Caitlin), a huge poster, a magazine and several other game related things. It was certainly a hit. They plan on doing it again some time.

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