Sunday, December 19, 2010


Dominic got to see "real" Santa this year. Since he didn't believe in him before I never bothered. But this year he believes. (See this post.) So when I saw the Santa I took Dominic over to see him. He was a bit shy at first, but warmed up very quickly to tell him what he wanted. Thankfully I'd heard this list before.
Caitlin was petrified. In fact, she clung so tightly to Jon that she turned her fingers white. When she couldn't see him any more she relaxed her hold. Quite a bit later I asked her if she wanted to go see Santa and she jumped on me and hung on for dear life. At least right now, she is NOT interested in what Santa can do for her.
Dominic, however, really enjoyed the experience.
They gave him this little tractor made out of candy. Super cute!

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