Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas fell on Saturday this year. Jon had Christmas Eve off and so we decided to celebrate then instead of trying to fit opening presents in before church on Sabbath.
I had Christmas pjs for the kids, but forgot that we were celebrating early. When Dominic picks out his pjs he doesn't always pick a matching pair. I figure it doesn't matter and let him mix and match.
We allowed the kids to open presents before breakfast.
I knew that once Dominic opened his Lego house he wouldn't notice anything else. So we gave him his other two presents first. I was right. Everything else faded and he focused on that house until breakfast.
Caitlin really likes Legos as well so we might be getting her some next year. Until then Dominic can share.
In this picture she's wearing her apron that she got for her kitchen.
We had our traditional cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then checked out the stockings.
I had been looking for kids umbrellas without any luck. I had given up and last week we were shopping for something else and Dominic pointed them out. The kids were going to remember them, but I got them anyways and put them in the stockings. They didn't mind at all that it wasn't a surprise. They love these things.

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