Monday, December 6, 2010

Peace and Potty Time

Most people generally don't think about going to the bathroom. 
It's just something we do. There are the few who like to read while doing their business, but mostly it's just a part of life.
If it weren't for the commercials reminding us how soft toilet paper can be and how effective toilet bowl cleaner is, we probably wouldn't EVER think about it.
Unless you are/have been the mother of a toddler. 
Then it's a cherished stolen moment.
IF you are left alone long enough to actually get in the bathroom door.

Tonight I had all three of my dear family members trying to talk to me through the door.
There might have been a dog or two. I didn't ask.

Is it sad that I dream of someday going to the bathroom without company - inside or outside my bathroom door?

But in the meantime I'm very, very thankful that I have this wonderful family who wants to be with me and values my opinion enough to ask me questions.

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