Sunday, November 14, 2010

Burgess Falls

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Burgess Falls. When we first moved here we went down there, but were not very well equipped for hiking. Somehow I had gotten the impression that you walked to an overlook and could see the falls. But there is an approx mile hike to the very bottom of the falls. So when we went the first time we were wearing flip flops and had forgotten water and bug spray. I kept slipping and so was Dominic. The trail goes straight down on the one side and would be a deadly fall to the river below. It made me pretty nervous to have Dominic jumping around on the trail filled with roots. He's not great at paying attention.
So I told him that I wanted him to hold my hand so I wouldn't slip and fall into the river. He held on tight. We walked to the first two sets of falls and then returned to the car with plans to come back later when better prepared.

When we started down the trail Dominic ran over and grabbed my hand. He said he didn't want me to fall in the river. He kept holding my hand the entire walk. He was very insistent that he keep me from falling even when the trail was flat on both sides. It was so precious.

At the beginning of the trail. 
My precious little man.
The first falls or small falls.
The old bridge for the flume.
Grammy and Dominic standing in front of the bridge.
Caitlin had a very easy hike. She was so excited to go on a hike and "talked" about it the whole way there.
The middle falls.
The observation deck for the high falls.
View from deck.
We hadn't intended to hike to the bottom, but the falls were so beautiful we couldn't help ourselves.

At the top of the falls. The sun had gone behind the some clouds a bit.
The walk down.
Dominic wanted to take a picture of me. I thought he did pretty well.
Navigating the rocks at the bottom.
The water created a beautiful rainbow.
Walking back on the road with Grammy and Gramps

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