Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving I

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was very laid back and stress free.
The kids and I left on Tuesday and went down to Chattanooga for the rest of the week. Jon was joining us after he got off work on Wednesday.

I had several things on my list that I wanted to shop for in Chatt where there were more stores to choose from. So I met Kami and Bethany and we tortured our children with shopping. We rewarded them with Chik-fil-A at the end. =)

Caitlin and her juice.
Kami and Bethany
My grandparents were staying at Uncle Bob and Aunt Holly's house too.
I LOVE this picture of them with their great-grandchildren.
My mom and Leila
Kami and I with our awesome grandma. 
She's in her eighties and can still dance with my kids.
Kami and I with grandpa. 
He's amazing as well. He was chasing Dominic around and around in the house. I'm not sure who wore who out. =)
Lexi and Leila playing with Caitlin. They act like she's a giant doll. Caitlin puts up with it for a while and then retreats.
What a lazy bunch!
Someone had brought some magnetic beads and Zeb and Barry were throwing them at each other.

More pictures coming!

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