Sunday, November 14, 2010

My marvelous kids

Just a few things my kids have been doing!

Caitlin's vocabulary is expanding so much every day. She's always saying "Wats dat?" Then if she hasn't heard the word she'll repeat it after us.

Dominic was at gymnastics and she was shopping with me. She pointed at her nose and said
"Me nose"
"Ook Mommy"
And her finger goes up inside.
"Oh, a boogie"
Then she promptly eats it.
Then she bursts out laughing. 
I couldn't help it. I laughed with her. It was obviously something Dominic had taught her. Silly girl.
She giggled for several minutes. A lady a few minutes later commented on what a happy child she was. 
I didn't think I should share why. =)

The kids were eating a piece of Halloween candy the other day.
Dominic was eating his and started choking.
"Dominic, are you okay?"
"Yes. I just choked on Skittle juice and it went into the wrong stomach. It was my supper stomach and it wasn't ready for it."

Dominic's reading skills have really taken off. He's asking how to spell everything and is sounding out the words the cereal box on the mornings we have cereal. He's not quite reading, but it's going to happen very soon. The other day he was writing a letter to someone (a favorite activity of his) and he asked me how to spell marvelous.

Caitlin was all ready to go to church. Jon and I were getting dressed and she must have gotten into the bathroom and decided to bring a few things into the living room. She's sitting on her potty stool with her toilet seat on her head. Jon thought she looked like Mary Poppins.

So he's calling her Mary Poopins
Dominic is helping Jon with my library. They are really close to having the first wall done. I'm so excited.
Jon was on a business trip (more on that later) and so was gone when I took the kids to Subway. The kids meal comes with a sandwich, apples, juice box and chips. Caitlin ate everything including a sandwich full of vegies, turkey and cheese.
Dominic finished it as well, but he's twice her size. When he finished his sandwich he smiled and said
"Guess what mom? I finished in an eating race before you. Do you  know why?"
"No, Dominic."
"It's because I didn't talk."

Jon has been telling him this forever. Guess it's better late than never.

He was cold so he went outside to sit on the sidewalk to finish his chips. He didn't realize that everyone inside could see him as he made faces at his reflection.
We asked Dominic the other day where he came from.
"I came from Lowes. No wait. I came from TACO BELL."

I was getting breakfast ready a few days ago and Dominic was sitting at the bar talking to me while he waited.
"Mom, when I grow up I'm going to have a very important job."
"What is your important job going to be?"
"I'll run important errands, mail important letters, and do what my wife says."
I've trained him well, haven't I? =)

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