Monday, August 8, 2011

1st Day of school

Today was Dominic's first day of school.
I came in from running a few minutes after 6am and heard him moving around in the bedroom. When I went to check on him, his little legs were moving all over the place. "Mom can I get up now? I'm SO excited I can't be still."

We fixed oatmeal together before everyone woke up.
(Several hours later I realized that I never ate any. Guess he wasn't the only one excited.)

He was dressed and ready for school over an hour before we had to leave. Then it was nervous bouncing the entire time. We tried to find little jobs for him to do to keep his mind from exploding.
 "Please take a picture of me with my shoes. They are my special school shoes, so they need to be in the picture."
Getting ready to leave.
As we were pulling out of the driveway I realized that we hadn't prayed. So I told Dominic that we needed to start praying every morning before we left.
"Mom, I'll pray and you drive."

"Dear Jesus, Thank you that I'm five and thank you that I can go to school now.
Please help us to have a good day."
And in a very excited voice -
"Jesus, please tell God the Father and God the Holy Spirit that I get to go to SCHOOL today.
That's all. Amen."

I almost cried. My precious little boy really IS five and today he started school.
When we arrived at school he jumped out of the car and raced to the door. Poor kid completely forgot his backpack and lunch. He was in such a panic that he might be late for school and miss some of it.
Ms. Beth-Anne is the lady in the background with the green skirt. 
I'm so glad that Dominic has her for his first year.
Aren't they precious?!
We left him with a bit of angst in our hearts, but also confident that he has a wonderful teacher who is dedicated to God and to her job. And that gives me comfort as I'm missing him.

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