Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Last Week

We are coming to the end of the last week before school starts. 
It's a sad and happy time. Sad for me because I'll miss my little man so very much.
Happy for both of us, because Dominic is SO excited for this next chapter in his life.
He's been playing school for weeks, begging me to tell him school stories, asking TONS of questions (most of which I can't answer) about what school will be like, counting down the days, and telling me that while he might miss me he's SUPER excited to be going to school.

I've tried to fit in all of the fun things that he won't be able to do as much. So this week we went to the children's museum, played at Jumpville, saw Miss Wendy & friends at Coffee Girls, went out to eat at all of his favorite places, played Legos and skateboards, and read so many books that I'm almost hoarse.

This summer has been so busy and so fun. And to be honest I'm not ready for it to end quite yet. But Dominic is excited and looking forward to it. And when someone you love is excited about something it becomes contagious. So we are both looking forward to shopping for school supplies tomorrow. And while I'll probably cry on Monday, I'm looking forward to this next step for my little man.


Sharon said...

do we need to plan a boo-hoo breakfast? :)

Tima Murrell said...

Probably should have. I'm feeling a bit lonely without him right now.