Sunday, August 14, 2011

County Fair

We took the kids to the county fair this last week. I wasn't sure what to expect.
But the kids had so much fun.
The first area we went to was the "farmer for a day" section.

Caitlin loved feeding the calves. 
 Dominic was a bit more reluctant.
Caitlin wasn't afraid to touch any of the animals. We fed animal crackers (I know, slightly ironic.) to the goats and petted the rabbits who tried to bite our toes.
Dominic was more comfortable playing with the fake animals. The kids were given juice and bags with  school supplies in it.
Then Caitlin begged us to ride on the Ferris wheel. Ugh! I'm not crazy about heights, but Dominic and I braved the heights so we could all go together.
Then we took a turn on the carousel 
before heading to the main arena to watch the mud pull.
(At least I think that's what it was called. I'm still learning country.)
Some of the trucks were typical redneck.
And others came with groupies. =)
I guess the basic idea is to make it through the mud without getting stuck. Even though I stood beside the girlfriend of one of the drivers and watched quite a few trucks, I still don't really get the point. Maybe there isn't one. =)
 The kids liked it, but weren't sure about the noise.
 But regardless of the point, the kids had a ton of fun.

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