Monday, August 8, 2011


The first words out of his mouth today when I picked him up -
"That was awesome!"
And he kept saying something along those lines the whole way home. I finally calmed him down enough to get him to tell me about it. Apparently Ms. Beth-Anne teaches "better than you, mom." So I guess it's a good thing I sent him to school. =)
I'm so glad that he enjoyed his day today. I missed him, but I am so happy that he's excited about learning and going to school.

Not sure if Caitlin missed him or not. She is used to us having some alone time while he was in gymnastics so she didn't really ask for him. When we got home she went running to her room to play. She made an abrupt stop outside Dominic's door and then with a look of delight walked in. She played, undisturbed, for almost 3 hours before I pulled her out to eat lunch. It's the first time she's been able to play with his toys by herself and she was clearly in heaven. So I might be the only one missing him for a while.

It was so quiet while he was gone that I turned on some music just to hear some noise. Apparently 90% of the noise in our house is coming from little man. He's back and our house is filled with noise. But it's the noise of a very happy little boy.

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