Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swim Party

We had an amazing church swim party. One of the church members was gracious enough to let us use her home for the party. The kids had so much fun. Even though they were exhausted they still were upset when we left.

Caitlin on the way to the party. I have no idea why she has an umbrella.
Caitlin's previous swim suit was a tad big and so we changed her. Couldn't have a wardrobe malfunction.
The water was pretty cold. So Dominic would play for a while and then come warm up, before heading back into the water.
He was so excited that I lifted the little/no sugar rule.
Chilling with Daddy.

Caitlin wanted to play with the older kids so badly, but I was afraid she'd get hurt. Once everyone was back in the pool she went over to test things out. She learned very quickly that the ball was a bit hard to control.
Dominic wanted me to take a picture of his scratched eye. It's the result of a game of "swords".
My handsome husband!

Friends, food and fun - It doesn't get any better!

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