Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer fun continues

We've been so busy lately. I know, you've heard this before. But when I went to post some pictures of our morning it dawned on me that I have hundreds of pictures from different events that I just haven't had the time to blog about. So I'll try to keep everything in order and not date back too far. 
Some of the things I'm not going to post about, but will make honorable mention -

We all went to my parent's house to help with a new addition they are putting on. The kids and I helped with the meals and housework before heading to the pool. The poor guys worked hours and hours on demo and roof stuff. Hopefully it made a small dent in the mountain of work my dad needed to accomplish.

I took the kids to Jumpville, the museum and the movies several times in the weeks before school started. I wanted to cram a ton of fun in before we settled into a routine and Caitlin and I were all alone. We were also able to cram in a couple of Coffee girls with Dominic before we went without him. We had fun and the kids are still talking about those days.

We played quite a bit at home as well. The summer has been a lot of fun and we miss the extra time to play. But Dominic is loving school so much that I seriously doubt he would trade it for more play time.

Some pictures of the kids playing in the yard with a friend.
 A storm was building and I was out taking pictures.
Caitlin is scared of thunder and was a little apprehensive.

The older kids were too busy making noise.

Then Dominic decided to scream and run for the house.
Caitlin thought the storm was going to get her and it freaked her out.

A mommy hug seemed to help a little.
More blogs about our fun summer to follow.

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