Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wonderful weekend

My brother Zeb (Zac) came up to see us in our new home.
The kids thought he was the coolest ever.
It's so neat to see my baby brother out playing with my kids. He ended up spending more time with them than he did with me. =) Guess that's part of being a grown up. Kids are more fun.
 Caitlin had just woken up when he arrived and wasn't sure which end was up. So I was pretty amazed when she sat on Zeb's lap while he checked something out on the computer.
Dominic took advantage of another adult who would read to him.
Caitlin with her bike helmet on. She had just been outside trying skateboard with the boys. She came in extremely dirty. Her clothes are ruined. But I can't complain because the smile on her face was worth it. She was so proud of herself.
Skateboarding in the dark.

After church we went down to the Obed River to watch Zeb and Bethany boulder.
Dominic wanted to try. Bethany was spotting him.
Climbing with Daddy.
Caitlin thought she could do it too. She touched the boulder and said "Oh yuck!" That was the end of her climbing experience.
She LOVED the chalk. I'm afraid she wasted more chalk then was used to actually climb.
King(s) of the hill.
Taking a break.
 Hiking out.

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