Monday, March 12, 2012

Floating Market

The floating market is going to definitely be a highlight of the trip. After everyone was awake we walked down the road until we were picked up by a bus that took us to the dock where the boats where.  Then we were taken to the floating market so we could purchase items or food.
 While the main objective was to eat breakfast; I did get some beautiful vases from the wife of the boat driver.
This was the best breakfast I’ve ever eaten.
Mangos and sticky rice
Fresh Pineapple
Coconut pancakes
We were some of the first people to come through so we had to wait a couple of times for the food to be prepared before we could purchase it.
We couldn't get close to the lady making the pancakes (when we went back for seconds =)). So she used a pole with a basket to transfer them to us.
The water was getting to be a bit crowded as we were leaving so we were glad that we had gotten there earlier and avoided the rush.
We returned to the hotel and ended taking Dominic to the doctor while we waited on the van that was going to take us to the waterfalls. He had woken up with an ear ache and I didn’t want to let it get bad before I did something. Turns out he had impacted wax in his ear. The doctor said it probably happened on the plane here, which would explain his 30 minute crying session as we were landing in Bangkok. Poor kid. So we stopped at a pharmacy and got some medicine and he seems fine.
The van ride to the falls took a couple of hours and most of us were able to catch a quick nap. Our driver had a secret wish to be a race car driver. =) It was amusing to watch him whip in and out of traffic and floor it when there wasn’t any one around.

My brother told me to watch my kids when we were here because everyone would want them. I had laughed assuming he was joking. It turns out that our kids (primarily Caitlin) are celebrities here. We are constantly being stopped so people can talk to, touch and/or take pictures. Caitlin isn’t exactly thrilled, but so far has been pretty sweet about it. While on the way to the falls I turned around to find Jon and Caitlin surrounded by Asian tourists taking pictures of them and trying to get in the picture as if they were an attraction. Very amusing! =)
The water was super cold and the kids didn’t last long. But the falls were gorgeous. I think the kids would have enjoyed it as much as Jon and I if they had been able to swim better.
 Very tired little girl.
One of the smaller waterfalls.
 One of the larger falls.
After the falls we headed to a restaurant that caters to American/European tourists.
Then Laura, Madeline and our family headed to a hotel while Ryan and the older girls returned home to resume work and school.

Our little bungalow was so cute. It was air conditioned which was a plus and I found a Coke Light in the fridge which made the evening perfect. =)
This picture was taken from the top of the main part of the resort where we ate breakfast.
The rooms were clean and very cute. No bowls over the faucet. =)

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