Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Motorcyle Rides

I had picked up a friend, Leslie's kids from school so she could take her younger daughter to a doctor appointment. They returned at the same time as Jon, who was riding the motorcycle.
Charlotte (the five year old) was enthralled. She ran up to Jon begging to have a ride.
Leslie's first words were something along the lines of -
"I'll never speak to you again if you take my child on that motorcycle."
I guess she changed her mind. =)
We have a child's helmet and thankfully it fit.
 She's five, but she looks incredibly small on the back of that bike.
 Off on her great adventure.
 Caitlin was in tears when we told her she'd have to wait a year or two until the helmet fit. So Jon sat her on the front while he turned the bike around in the yard.
 Naturally Dominic had to have a turn. This is the first time he's ridden with a helmet on the actual road. Before it's always been in the driveway and yard. I sense a trend beginning.
 Hi mom!
 Can you see the grin splitting his face in two?
 Two of Leslie's three children opted for a motorcycle ride.
I think it was a hit!

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