Friday, March 16, 2012

Our final Thailand moments

We came back to Bangkok with Laura and Madeline for our last few days in Thailand before heading home. We tried to fit as many things in as possible.
We stopped at this ice cream shop for the kids to try tiny ice cream cones. It was Madeline's birthday and this was one of the ways we celebrated.
We stayed at a more "upscale" hotel from the last one. I thought I'd taken pictures and when I got home realized it was only in my mind. But it looked, for the most part, like a hotel here in the states. The lobby was open to the outside, as were the hallways. But once in the room the air conditioner and lights would turn on if you put the key in a slot.
The breakfast buffet with American/Asian food
The kids sitting on the steps by our breakfast table
Family portrait in the elevator
 We went on a boat ride on the river. On the way to the river we walked through China town.
Dominic eying the octopus
Stopping for some orange juice
 It was a holiday and for some reason feeding the fish was part of this. Everyone had bread crumbs or dog food to feed the fish. Quite a few people offered to share their food with our kids.
Our boat
 I had no clue that Caitlin was losing her skirt until today when I went to add the pictures to the blog I'd written earlier. Who knows how long it was like this. =)
Caitlin talking with Ms Laura. She's still talking about her.
Laura must have really made an impression.
 Our driver stopped the boat so he could buy his lunch from this lady.
Some of the homes on the edge of the river. The poverty was sad. But these people are so incredibly happy and unselfish. They smiled and waved at us and when given the chance were more than willing to share what ever they had.
Visited some temples
 My kids think they are so cool. Guess they're right. =)
And of course, more shopping, eating and massages.
A ride in a tuk tuk
 Some of the ice cream while shopping at the mall.
Jon had the mango and sticky rice ice cream. The green rice weirded me out.
I chose a more traditional one.

Sadly we had to end our trip eventually. But it was a wonderful experience that hopefully our kids will remember forever. I fell in love with Thailand and hope to return some day. The people are so sweet and when I return I definitely plan on returning during mango season . =)
I'll be posting more scenic pictures on my blog It's My Life.
A huge thank you to our friends who served as amazing tour guides and hosts during our wonderful stay.

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