Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun in the sun

After we returned home from our excursion we took a few days to let the kids relax and catch up on sleep. We certainly didn’t sit around though. Everything Laura does takes longer here. The food is all made from scratch, the clothes are hung up on a line and the heat slows everything and everyone down. So we helped with the house work a bit and explored around town.
We went for walks, ate at restaurants and food courts, took bike rides, had massages, went to the market, and visited local places. Naturally I took a million pictures. I thought the locals might mind my taking pictures of them, but they seemed to enjoy it and almost expect it.
This lady was feeding the monks. Out of respect I stopped taking pictures when she began the worship part. But she kept looking at me like she wanted me to take pictures so I started again. She got the biggest smile on her face.
I’m going to throw some random shots in here and put a description with it. If I wrote a blog for every day  or every different thing, I’d have to write 15+ blogs and I doubt anyone wants to read that much.
I have fallen in love with anything mango. At the food court they make the best mango smoothie. I’m not exactly counting, but I think I might have had 3-4. Now I’m just waiting until they open again so I can return.
Jon and I went on a bike ride by ourselves to explore. We stopped in Muak Lek for ice cream.  After they serve you ice cream, they give you a glass of ice water. We are actually liking this concept very much now.

Caitlin’s hair is long and she gets so hot with it down. So Laura or I have put her hair up each morning. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how well it stayed and how tolerant Caitlin has been. Usually she cries when I brush her hair. But I think the relief of being cool outweighs the ouch.
I love this picture. The kids were playing so sweetly together and I had them pose for a picture. They have been amazingly good on this trip. There have been the usual squabbles and complaints, but no more than usual.
We went swimming at the local pool. It had several water slides and water features and we would have stayed all day except Jon and I went through 3 swim suits between the two of us. Apparently one of the slides had a tendency to rip holes in the bum of our suits. Not cool to have that much skin showing so after we’d gone through all of the suits we’d brought with us, we called it a day. =)
 We had to wear swim caps the entire time. Thankfully the kids thought it was funny and didn't fight it. I, on the other hand, felt rather uncool and wouldn't let Jon take my picture. Well that and the fact that I had a hole in my shorts more often than not. =)
After we left the water park we took the kids to the coconut ice cream place so we could share the experience. When the lady noticed Caitlin "drinking" the last bit of ice cream and Dominic using his fingers to make sure he'd gotten every last drop she gave them more ice cream. Jon and I were sadly not cute enough to warrant this.

Dominic LOVED the little fish ponds on campus. He caught tadpoles and tiny fish, he played ninjas with the leaves and got very, very wet every time we took him down there. Jon and I joked that we should have just taken a vacation to a pond since he enjoyed it as much as everything else.
I'm very thankful for my children who enjoy life no matter what.

Just a cute picture that Jon took of Caitlin.

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