Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun in the sun

This weekend was a bit packed for us, but still very fun.
Jon had a Pathfinder backpacking trip (photos soon) so I decided to head to my parents with the kids. It helps us not miss Daddy so much if we throw off the routine.

Dominic is cutting all four six year molars at once. Ever since he's been a baby he's run a small fever right before he cuts his teeth. A couple of nights ago he was moving a bit sluggishly and was running a very slight temp. By the next morning he was fine, but I felt I had to warn my mom since she's still recuperating, just in case it wasn't teeth related. 
She gave me a typical grandmother response -
"I'll take my chances so I can see my grand kids."

I'm so glad we went. It was a wonderful trip and the kids had so much fun.
My dad is great fun!
My mom and I were content to sit and watch all of the rough housing and reprimand when needed.
Caught in the act! Don't they look so innocent?!
My parents haven't finished the addition that they were working on earlier. Some rather major things have impeded its progress. But it's enclosed and connected to the house. This makes it a great play area for the kids and their cousins to go play.
Here are just a couple of pictures that I took while outside with them this last week. Not really enough to write a separate post about, but certainly cute.
Caitlin was pulling her leg up beside her in a way that Jon and I wouldn't have thought possible. I tried to take a picture, but she wouldn't really be still.

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Jo Abair said...

I can still do that to my legs on both sides, even at the same time. looks super weird though on an adult. Loved seeing pics of your parents, your mom is looking so well!