Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today I was getting into the car and my knee was bothering me. I moaned and Dominic asked me what I'd done. Pain to him means that you've hit something. He has no idea of pain from getting old. =) So I told him that my knee was bothering me.
Dominic: Why, Mommy? Did you hit it on the car?
Me: No, Dominic. I'm getting old.
Dominic: Daddy, do you die when you get old?
Jon: Yes, Dominic, eventually.
Dominic: Mommy, are you dying? Am I going to get a new mommy?"
Me: No, Dominic. Hopefully I won't die any time soon. That was just an expression."
Dominic: It's ok, we'd just pray you alive again.

Yikes! This kid's logic actually makes sense sometimes. =) It's also very apparent that he listens to the Bible stories, but doesn't have a firm grasp on reality.

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