Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This past week was Caitlin's first real time in the pool. Dominic loves the water and has been eagerly waiting the opening of the outdoor pool. Our pool has a top so it can be used during the winter, but it really means summer time when the top comes off.
I thought that Caitlin was going to dislike the cool water, but she surprised me. She splashed and kicked and laughed. She LOVED it. So much so that when we had to get out to go to the bathroom she cried. Her little swim suit is so cute.
Dominic gave me a little scare. He knows when he can't touch to push off the bottom to get to the top to breath. I had to feed Caitlin and put more sunscreen on her. So I left Dominic in the pool with a friend while I watched from a few feet away. I had told him not to go where his feet couldn't touch, but he saw his friend (who was wearing floaties) go into the deeper end and just followed. By the time I could get up and get over to him he had pushed off the bottom a few times. The life guard jumped in and got him over to the shallow end. He was fine until she jumped in. I think she scared him. So he cried a bit and then wanted to get right back in the water. He would have been fine until I got there since he was pushing off the bottom, but I was very thankful that the life guard was on the ball.

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