Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Washington, D.C.

Jon had some meetings in DC and it was cheaper to drive than to fly. So we got to tag along. Dominic thinks that trips are so much fun. He gets to watch his dvd player and play with special toys. We timed it right so he would also take a nap during the drive.
Once we got the the hotel we let him pick which bed he wanted. He thought it was the greatest thing that he got his own "big" bed. Caitlin also seemed to enjoy it, although I think it was more her brother than the bed.Don't know if you can tell, but they are holding hands. It was precious!

Today we went to the mall to a children's program. Dominic thought the man was scary and wanted to ride the elevators instead. =) I could have just taken him to a large building.
Right now we are having quiet time. Caitlin slept for about 30 minutes and woke up and now Dominic is asleep. Was hoping that I'd have some me time but I guess not today. At least I can type and hold her at the same time.

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