Saturday, June 13, 2009

The town of Berganu

Dominic has the funnest time making up new words. They don't make any sense, sound like anything and he rarely uses them the same again. But there is one word that he's been using since he first started talking well and I've been dying to know what he means. Well I think I finally figured it out. The word is berganu and he uses it to describe something that is wonderful. If he's going on a pretend trip he's going to the town of Berganu. In the town of Berganu there is lots of candy and five (his favorite number) cakes of all the colors. If he liked something alot it's berganu. If he can't find a word to describe something spectacular it was berganu.
Since life is one big party for Dominic and everything is wonderful I hear the word ALOT. He's also started giving this little laugh/squeal. When I ask him what is the matter he'll say "I'm just so excited because. . ." He has the most amazing outlook on life.

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