Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I went to the library today to return some books. (I'm very, very tired of reading the spider-man book.) We got some books, fed Caitlin, etc. We weren't in there more than an hour.
When I got out to the car I noticed that all of the cords (phone charger, dvd charger, gps charger) were all in my seat. I KNEW that I hadn't left them there. There were also some things from the center storage place in the passenger seat. I looked and our camera had been stolen. For some reason they left all of Jon's knives and didn't find the gps. I wasn't going to do anything other than complain to Jon, but the people at the library asked me to report it because it wasn't the first time it had happened. So with two little kids I had to go down to the police station and stand around and wait for a while. Thankfully it didn't take very long and the officer was really nice. Turns out that this is only one of a ton of car thefts, including some of the people that work at the station. I had left the windows cracked and that is how they are getting in. So now we are missing a camera. It wasn't a very expensive one and we hadn't been super impressed with it since we got it a few years ago, but still.
I was upset and annoyed. I was griping to Jon on the phone and Dominic said from the back seat "Mommy, just go buy another one." He has no concept of money and thinks buying another one is the perfect solution. But it hit me. Nothing else was taken. My car is fine. My family is fine. I have the money to buy another one that is even better. And God will take care of the thief. So I just need to let it go. Easier said than done, but I'm so thankful for my kids who look at life so simply and can help me see life from their point of view.

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