Monday, June 29, 2009

Pool side

Today was an interesting experience. I had asked the neighbor boy (about 8-9 yrs old) if he wanted to go swimming with us this morning. He loves coming over to play with Dominic even though there is about 5-6 yrs difference in age. We got there and had played for only a few minutes when a bus load of handicap children came into the pool. It didn't bother the boys that the pool was so crowded, but a few minutes later we all had to get out because someone had pooped in the pool. It wasn't a small poop either. I was extremely disgusted with it and wanted to go home, but the boys assured me that the water park beside the pool was fine until they had gotten the pool clean.

According to the life guard it takes 30 minutes for the water to cycle through the filter. So they put some chemicals into the water, scooped out all of the poop and we waited for 45 minutes. A huge part of me wanted to load up the boys and come home. I don't care how filtered it was, that water had just had poop in it. But things like this don't phase boys at all and they were overjoyed when the whistle blew to resume pool time.

I shouldn't be surprised. Dominic informed me yesterday that gross things were lots of fun. He was smearing a dead bug on his hand when he said this. Sigh!!!

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