Thursday, June 25, 2009

Randomness from our life

I think I may have mentioned our weekly Taco Bell run. It started when Jon was building the house. It was the half way point between our homes and we would meet there for lunch on Sunday. So now it is a weekly tradition to go to Taco Bell for lunch on Sunday. I ate Taco Bell all through both pregnancies and while nursing so both kids are getting it every week as well. =) Dominic LOVES Taco Bell.
It looks like Caitlin likes it too. =)
Sabbath afternoon everyone was sleeping. I peeked in on everyone and saw Caitlin and Jon sleeping in almost the same position. So cute!
The other day Dominic had a "party". At least that was his explanation for why he had emptied every toy he owned and ALL of the books from the bottom shelves of all five book cases. He had a specific place for each item and somehow amidst all of the mess knew if something was out of place at his "party".
Caitlin had a ton of fun playing with all of the toys w/in reach.
Caitlin LOVES stuffed animals. If I need to get something done (like clean up from a "party") I can stick her in the crib or pac-n-play with a ton of stuffed animals and she'll play forever.
Dominic lives in the world of pretend. Here he's pretending to be in an airplane. The things around him are his luggage. He was going to visit grandma & grandpa this time. When he got there he knocked on the door and stood on tiptoes to reach grandpa (he's 6')for a hug. He then bent over at the waist to lean down and hug grandma. (She's 4'11) When I told my mom this story she wasn't as amused as I was. =)

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