Saturday, August 15, 2009


Dominic and Jon have this routine that they do when they go to bed. Caitlin has become aware of this and wanted to see what was going on. So she has crushed the bumper in her crib down so she can see through the slats. Then after Jon has left the room they "talk".
Dominic was eating at the table and I was getting everything ready to feed Caitlin. I finally got her in the high chair and sat down. Dominic said "Oh, good. I'm joined. I was getting lonely."

I had a cold earlier this week and it resulted in a cold sore. Dominic's friend had a fever at the same time and so we had quite a few discussions about being sick. Dominic thought he wanted to be sick too, I guess he wanted some attention. And so today when Dominic bit his lip today he informed me he had a hot sore since he was hot.
Caitlin's first ride on the fire truck. She LOVED it. She can only go backwards, but this didn't dampen her enthusiasm.

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